The Most Hearty Breakfast For an Office Meeting

Big office meeting? Maybe it’s the financial quarter results meeting, maybe a sales meeting? It will go for a few hours, you want to catch the team when they’re their freshest, keep them enthusiastic with a breakfast meeting, so now you’ve got to prepare yourself on ordering foods that are hearty and will truly jumpstart everyone to participating and boost everyone’s energy level as it is early and you will expect that not everyone has woken up on the good side of their bed.

As everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It does not only stimulates metabolism, but it also helps raise energy levels to better accomplish all the day’s activities. This is the reason why what you eat in the morning should be healthy and hearty.

To inspire everyone during the meeting, taking note of what foods should be ordered is a must. Remember, you want everyone inspired and energized as some of your colleagues might be feeling a little bit sleepy and hungry probably because they didn’t have time to grab breakfast at home, and now they’re stuck in a big meeting for a few hours!

Here are some of the most hearty and healthy breakfast you can order for the early morning meeting.

1. Yogurt and Granola or Chia Bowls

Cups of plain yoghurt and granola or cups of black chia bowls with coconut, mango and almond milk is the perfect way to eating healthy in the morning. Yogurt is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics which is good for the tummy while granola is calorie dense and rich and fiber. Chia is a wonder food despite their size, what more if coupled with coconut, mango and almond milk? This is truly a hearty breakfast.

Yogurt and Granola or Chia Bowls

2. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a favourite during breakfast or lunch and for good reasons. It’s delicious, easy to eat, packed with nutrients which gives you the energy throughout the day.

High tea sandwiches

3. Eggs, Bacon and Cheese

If we’re talking about having a full breakfast meal, there’s no doubt you’ll have eggs, bacon and cheese for your breakfast meeting. Eggs are full of vitamins, while bacon is a good source of protein while cheese is a good source of calcium.

Rolls And Wraps

4. Fruit Skewers

Fruits are a healthy addition to any breakfast meal. Packed with vitamin and minerals like folate, vitamin c and potassium. These are a perfect of source of fiber which helps supports for a healthy stomach and aids in digestion.

Fruit Skewers

5. Salads

There are many reasons why a salad is another perfect addition to your healthy hearty breakfast catering. Salads are a natural source and fibre that has great nutritional benefits. It will aid in your consumption of healthy fats, it improves muscle functions plus it protects your heart.

Individual Salads

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