The Cheapest Food to Cater for an Office Meeting


It’s not a problem if you wanted to keep a low budget on the catering service for the next office meeting, especially if it has been frequented enough that the company suddenly go on this decision. It was said that some companies, like Google, spend a churning $15 to close to $30 daily per their employee’s meal and we can guarantee you, feeding the whole office every now and then is no easy feat especially if you’re just a small, startup company or simply because you just need to cut on the company’s expenses.

Good news for you, there is some foods that are cheap and yet still delicious that could satisfy everyone’s cravings and is in check with your budget.

Breakfast Any Time of The Day

Because why not? Breakfasts are no doubt the cheapest food you could order if you don’t want to go overboard your budget. Challenge traditional lunches by serving breakfast during lunch! You could further cut the cost per employee if you order in bulk.

Here are some from our menus hat you could try and pair up with other menus:

Buffet Over Lunch Boxes

Win everyone with the idea of creating a buffet with lunch boxes. It does not only urge your colleagues to share and mingle with others, but it also gives an assortment to what they’ll put on their plate, plus, this gives them the advantage to pick foods that they are not allergic to. Also, it is wise to create a list of foods that you planned (within the budget) for the office meeting and have them check what they wished to be served with to avoid unnecessary waste of foods.

Select Budget-Efficient Foods

According to some studies, Italian, French and Japanese foods are more expensive that their counterparts. If you’re planning a low cost catering for the office meeting, it would be best to avoid them. Go for Thai, Mexican or Chinese food selections.

If you’re still looking for more options, it’s always best to ask for directions.

4 thoughts on “The Cheapest Food to Cater for an Office Meeting

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