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How to Plan A Catering Service on A Last-Minute Notice


Have you ever experienced going for an unplanned catering service or maybe currently searching for a catering service to take on a very short notice because clients are on their way now to your office? Are you having an unplanned lunch at work? All these happen and can happen to you anytime that may cause […]

11 Types of Office Christmas Parties You May Not Know About

11 Types of Christmas Party Themes

Christmas is happiness and every year in the office, we want to spread smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s like giving your colleagues, employees or staff a consolation for their hard work and for doing a great job this year. Since you don’t want to bore everyone with a “same old, same old” Christmas party theme […]

5 Tips to Have the Best Melbourne Cup Experience at Work

Melbourne Cup Office Catering

Melbourne Cup is an event held yearly, every 1st Tuesday of November.  It is much anticipated and entertaining affair that you and your colleagues can look forward together because, it is not a public holiday (sad news for some?)! Still, a lot happens on Melbourne Cup. Who says only those on the trackside can have […]