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Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup

Catering Zone is proud to present the limited Melbourne Cup menu, perfect for sharing with your colleagues. Take the stress of planning out the event with our hassle-free catering services. We are offering a discount when using this coupon: MELCUP19 and get a 10% discount on orders over $600. This menu and offer are only available until Tuesday, 5th November only. Please make sure you book your Melbourne cup catering as soon as possible as we normally get booked out.

Melbourne Cup

High tea sandwiches

Box of 36 fingers

Chicken, Pesto, Tomato, Rocket, Mayonnaise & Herb Oil (6)

Roast Beef & Seeded Mustard, Mayonnaise and rocket (6)

Ham & Pickle With Herb Butter & Swiss Cheese (6)

Turkey & Cranberry sauce (6)

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Lemon Pepper, Spinach, Capers (6)

Cucumber & Dill Creme Fraiche (6)


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Slow-cooked Greek-style roast chicken (served cold)
Roast chicken pieces with Crunchy coleslaw salad 16 pieces


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White chocolate dipped strawberries

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries


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Melbourne Cup

Cup day pizza box

Mini Pizza supreme 10

Mini Tandoori chicken pizza 10

Mini Vegetarian pizza 10


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Melbourne Cup

Flemington Skewers

Succulent Skewers box

Lemon Pepper chicken skewers (GF)(10)

Thai Beef Skewers (10)

Lamb Kofta (GF) (10)

*Served with Asian sauce and Tzatziki sauce*


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Hungarian Salami, Triple Smoked Ham, ​Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Apricot creamy cheese, Aged Blue cheese, Antipasto, olives, Grapes,Lavosh,Crackers


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Gourmet Chicken & Leek Pie (8)

Gourmet Aussie beef Pie (8)

Gourmet sausage roll (8)

Spinach feta parcels (8)Prices

W tomato and BBQ Sauce


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Tasmanian Heritage Brie, Maffra Mature Cheddar, Danish Blue Vein, Apricot & Cranberry Cream Cheese loaf, Water crackers, Lavosh, Dried
Fruits, Chutney & Mixed Nuts


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Melbourne Cup

Race day sliders

Chicken, Crunchy slaw, chipotle mayo (10)

Pulled Beef, lettuce, tomato, BBQ 10

Pulled Pork with crunchy slaw 10


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Melbourne Cup

Sweetbox of 30 pieces

Mix berries tart 6

Salted caramel tart 6

Berry Almond tart 6

Chocolate dipped strawberries 6

Gluten-free mini pastel cupcakes 6

Chocolate walnut brownie 6


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Melbourne Cup

Rose Hill cold platter

Serves 8-10 people

Peking Duck pancake (8)

Vietnamese Rice paper roll (veg) (8)

Vietnamese Chicken rice paper roll (8)

Sushi rolls (8)

*With sweet chili, wasabi, soy sauce*


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*50 pieces of sushi, serves 12 people*

Vegetarian Roll (v) (10)

Salmon Nigri (GF) (10)

Teryaki chicken (10)

Salmon Avocado (GF) (10)

Grilled salmon Nigri (10)

*Served with wasabi and soy sauce*


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