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Finger Food Packages

Finger Food Packages

Our Gourmet finger food packages are ideal match for your next event. Try delicious finger food items like mini chicken skewers, gourmet pies, sausage rolls, mini sliders, arancini, sushi or frittatas.

Finger Food

Veg Spring rolls


*Serves up to 10 people

Served with sweet chilli sauce

(Minimum 1)

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*Gourmet sausage rolls x 8

*Vegetable roll x 8

*Gourmet pies (Chicken and mushroom, aussie beef ) x 8

*Gourmet quiche roast pumpkin and feta x 8

Served with tomato & BBQ sauce

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*Lemon herb chicken skewer x 8

*Thai beef skewer x 8

*Tandoori chicken skewer x 8

*Lamb kofta x 8

Served with tzatziki and asian dipping sauce

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*Roast pumpkin and feta x 12
*Quiche Lorraine x 12

served with tomato sauce

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*Mixed Sushi x 10

*Vietnamese rice paper roll x 10
*Peking duck pancake x 10



Served with hoisin & sweet chilli sauce.

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*Parmesan and mushroom arancini with aioli pizza x 15

*Mini vegetarian pizza x 15


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*Spinach and cheese parcels x 12

*Cocktail samosa x 12

*Mini spring rolls x 12

*Dim sim x 12

Served with tomato and sweet chilli sauce.

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