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Breakfast Packages

Breakfast Packages

Catering zone breakfast packages specially designed to feed the crowd. our packages offer a wonderful opportunity for a delicious mix of food. A perfect pick me up for your next morning business meeting.


*Plain Yoghurt and Granola (V) x 6
*Black Chia bowls with coconut
Mango and almond milk (VG/GF/NF) x 6


*Egg white omelette
Baby spinach & grilled Capsicum slider x 6
*Chorizo, Coleslaw & Tomato relish slider x 6
*Glazed bacon, egg, spinach & hollandaise 6


*Cheese and tomato x 6
*Ham cheese tomato x 6


*Bacon and Egg roll w Tomato or BBQ x 4
*Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and
Baby Spinach Wrap x 4
*Spinach, mushroom, grilled
Halloumi and pesto wrap x 4


*Smoked Salmon, Avocado
Arugula and Cream cheese x 6

*Poached Chicken, Roasted Tomato
Swiss Cheese and Baby spinach x 6

*Hummus, cucumber
bell pepper and onions (Vegan) x 6


Each person receives;

*Egg, bacon, cheese English muffin
with tomato or BBQ sauce x1
*Yogurt and granola 150ml with a spoon (V) x1
*Freshly baked danish pastries (V)x1

(Minimum 12)


Each person receive;

*Black Chia bowls with coconut
Mango and almond milk 150 ml  (VG/GF/DF/NF) x1
*Fruit Skewer (VG/GF/DF/NF) x1
*Seasonal Vegetarian Frittata (V/GF) x1

(Minimum 12)


Each person receive;

Fresh fruit skewers (VG/GF) x1
Freshly baked danish (V)x1
Seasonal frittata (V) x1

(Minimum 12)



A selection of seasonal fruits. Cut in perfect slices. Refresh your self with these delicious bites.


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