How to Plan A Catering Service on A Last-Minute Notice


Have you ever experienced going for an unplanned catering service or maybe currently searching for a catering service to take on a very short notice because clients are on their way now to your office? Are you having an unplanned lunch at work? All these happen and can happen to you anytime that may cause you instant panic especially if you’re at the at the receiving end of such a very important task – that is to plan the event, a meeting or lunch at work.

So, how do you take on such a challenge?

Planning a catering service on such a short notice requires you to keep your cool and get your head straight. We know it’s not easy, but you have no other choice. Face the challenge head on and do the following to help you succeed.

1. Keep Your Cool

As mentioned earlier, the best way to plan a catering service on such a short notice is to keep your cool. Stress will make your head clouded and you won’t be thinking straight.

2. Find A Caterer

The best and quickest way to find a caterer is to look for them on websites. Make sure that upon doing this that you read their reviews and see factors such as: what people say about their food, do they deliver on time and so on.

3. Explain the Reason Why You Need Catering Today

When you have chosen a caterer, what you need to do is go to their contact page and send them a message on why you need the food delivered today or BEST to call them and ask them if they can deliver today and on time for the event.

4. Food Choices

Since this is such a short notice, you will need to order food boxes/packages that covers the following:

  • Food that Cover Special Diets. Because you have such a short time knowing if these people have allergies or prefer something else, it is safer to add gluten free foods, vegetarian, dairy free, special foods for allergic people and so on.
  • Make sure to have enough but at the same time not too much as we don’t want food to go to waste.
  • Lastly, get in touch with a trusted corporate catering services company that will take care of your needs.

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