Enjoy an Epic Office Christmas Party Event with These Top 7 Ideas

We are almost coming to that time of the year where we all look forward to the Christmas party event in the office. While most of your officemates are busy planning what they are going to wear, you, on the other hand, are in charge of planning it!

Christmas party signals the coming of a holiday break and that is probably the reason why everyone is looking for a memorable year ender in the office. As an organiser of the event, it has been a big responsibility to beat what happened last year or maybe equal to the enjoyment brought by the event the previous year.

To ensure the epic success of your Christmas party here are some great ideas to follow.

1. Food and Drinks

The food and drinks are no doubt the star of the event. It doesn’t matter if you’re all dressed up pretty for the party, it still boils down to the food you’ll be eating or drinking along everyone else, because what’s a party if there’s no food or drinks served?

When planning for your event, make sure you check out our Special Christmas Menu for a range of hot and cold platters, sure to win over even the fussiest of eaters in the office!

2. Organise Games

Make the party lively with a few games you have under your sleeves. If you have no idea what sort of games the whole team can play and participate in, search the internet for fun and trending party games that will please the crowd. Maybe who can eat the most spring rolls in 60 seconds? We have delicious spring rolls in our menu, they taste delicious too, who wouldn’t want to play a game like that!

3. Secret Santa

A much-expected part of the party is having an exchange gift with the officemates. Plan ahead, decide on a budget, grab everyone’s names and pop them folded in a bowl. Everyone picks out a name and has to buy a secret Santa gift. Don’t forget you cant tell anyone who you have, its all a surprise and a secret! Be sure it is fun,  appropriate and non offensive. Some great secret gift ideas can be, a 2020 Diary, maybe a fun mug for that coffee drinker in the office, chocolates are always a safe option should you run out of ideas!

4. Charity

Nothing better to get into the Christmas spirite than giving back, that’s what Christmas is all about! There are some offices who opt out celebrating the Christmas party for the year but instead use the office fund to do goodwill for Christmas.

5. Christmas Excursion

Another fantastic idea is to go on an excursion, a holiday staycation, watch a Christmas movie in the office boardroom with some finger food. We have a fantastic selection of either hot and cold foods, oysters and prawns for those a little fancy, chocolate dipped strawberries for our sweet tooth people, maybe even a sandwich box! This is a perfect time to bond with everyone in the office and enjoy the moment together with some good food and get into the holiday cheer!

6. Photo Booths

Pictures capture the special moments and makes you remember how the event went. A fantastic idea is to grab some props, silly hats and glasses, maybe even have a best dressed Santa and get those photos rolling, feed those Santa bellies with some yummy foods from our Christmas Menu, maybe even some cupcakes? Who doesn’t love cupcakes!

7. Prizes to be Won

What better way to end the year than with some prizes, whether it be for best dressed, or ugliest Christmas sweater, or even some fun party games. It helps everyone feel included in a team, it adds a sweet touch to the Christmas party and rewards everyone with good food!

Remember, the best Christmas party ideas are those that welcomes different cultures and flavors, boosts everyone’s confidence and puts everybody in holy jolly high spirits. For corporate or office catering services, send us a message today and start booking. We currently have a special on! Order more than $750 from our Christmas menu and receive a gift from us!

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