5 Tips to Have the Best Melbourne Cup Experience at Work

Melbourne Cup Office Catering

Melbourne Cup is an event held yearly, every 1st Tuesday of November.  It is much anticipated and entertaining affair that you and your colleagues can look forward together because, it is not a public holiday (sad news for some?)!

Still, a lot happens on Melbourne Cup. Who says only those on the trackside can have all the enjoyment? Melbourne Cup is a great chance to bond with your officemates and share deliciously good conversations and not to mention, good food! It is said to be the best office event or all office events.

Since we are all looking forward to Melbourne Cup, then why not have the best Melbourne Cup experience at work?! And, to guarantee that everyone gets the best experience out of this, you will need to follow these tips.

Rule #1: Organise Ahead of Time

Whenever you are organising an office event, it always pays to be organised, and have it planned out ahead of time. There are some things that you will need to take into consideration, what kind of food you will servce, what sort games or other activities everyone can partake in, what is the dress code, how do you plan on spending the event with the team to ensure that everybody will have fun. You should have all the answer to all these!

Rule#2: Plan the Budget

The next thing to do is to allocate a reasonable budget. Our advice, make some calls, visit our website to see which one of our packages appeals to you. We have fun packages for everyone, from sushi to sliders, Melbourne cup themes cupcakes and more! Check them out over here! Create a great vibe, with great food in the comfort of your own office! This is always an affordable alternative to taking the team out for Melbourne Cup lunch!

Rule #3: Choose the Event’s host(s)

To make sure that you have an organised event, choose a hosts or an MC. The MC should be a fun person and able to command a large crowd of noisy people! Who in your team can control a crowd and make sure they’re happy at the same time? Is it you maybe?

Rule #4: The Food

To be honest, most of us are really looking forward to the food. It is the most important part of any event. The food will either make or break the event! This is because, food is the life of the party, you need to be thinking what you are going to have. Will it for lunch, a buffet or just a simple sit-down meal?

Once you have thought about what it would be, look through our menu to see which package suits you best. We have taken the stress out of this with our carefully thought of menu, will it be our Flemingston Skewers? What about our cup day pizza box for some fun finger food while you enjoy the race! Start off your lunch with our Victorian Charcuterie Racecourse Platter, Hungarian Salami, Triple Smoked Ham, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Apricot creamy cheese, Aged Blue Cheese, Antipasto, Olives, Grapes, Lavosh and crackers. Consider our Rose Day Cold Platter, always a crowd pleaser with flavor packed, Asian inspired finger foods. Finish your office event with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries accompanied well with our Royal Cheese Platter!

Lastly, watch the Melbourne Cup with your officemates while enjoying the company of each other and our much-anticipated delicious food!

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