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The Cheapest Food to Cater for an Office Meeting


It’s not a problem if you wanted to keep a low budget on the catering service for the next office meeting, especially if it has been frequented enough that the company suddenly go on this decision. It was said that some companies, like Google, spend a churning $15 to close to $30 daily per their […]

The Most Hearty Breakfast For an Office Meeting

Big office meeting? Maybe it’s the financial quarter results meeting, maybe a sales meeting? It will go for a few hours, you want to catch the team when they’re their freshest, keep them enthusiastic with a breakfast meeting, so now you’ve got to prepare yourself on ordering foods that are hearty and will truly jumpstart […]

The Healthiest Food You Can Order for a Corporate Meeting

Individual Salads

Everyone wants to eat healthy and has been watching over their diets with the coming of this year… The reason is probably because they are more conscious about their health. Though food is just one thing you need to watch out, it also advisable to couple it with exercises and some outdoor activities like walking, […]