11 Types of Office Christmas Parties You May Not Know About

11 Types of Christmas Party Themes

Christmas is happiness and every year in the office, we want to spread smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s like giving your colleagues, employees or staff a consolation for their hard work and for doing a great job this year.

Since you don’t want to bore everyone with a “same old, same old” Christmas party theme and because you want to put another good effort in planning the event, we advise for you to plan ahead and try out a new theme for the Christmas Party.

Today, we are hoping that you will find the perfect theme for this year’s event with these great Office Christmas party ideas we have listed out for you.

1. Fancy Christmas Party

Have you ever tried doing a fancy sit down party with your colleagues and served delicious gourmet food? Well, it’s never not too late to try and be fancy at times and share good stories and laugh together with your colleagues.

2. Christmas Cocktail Party

A cocktail party will never be a cocktail party without cocktails drinks – which are a combination of alcoholic drinks with a blend of fruit juices, flavoured syrups or cream, maybe? Complete the whole theme with a cocktail dress and a cocktail hat if you want.

3. Smokey BBQ Christmas Party

If you’re getting tired of doing the Christmas party indoors because you all been doing that for years, why not take the party outdoors and eat something different! One of the best foods you can take outdoors are BBQ or meat or fruit skewers and

4. Christmas Masquerade Ball

Are you and most of your colleagues on a tight budget? If your answer is yes and yet you still need to spruce up in an ensemble without spending too much, having a masquerade ball is what we recommend as it is the most affordable to get everyone dressed up without much effort. Masquerade balls are fun because it adds up a mystery as everyone wears masks over their favourite outfit.

5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Now, you have a use for that dorky sweater you love but has been keeping inside your dresser. With an ugly Christmas sweater party, you now have a very good excuse to wear that sweater of yours. You can even hold a competition for the best sweater of the event.

6. Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland is a brilliant and ideal for any Christmas office party, kids, wedding or any year end occasion. It brings about the spirit and feel of being Merry. Thise themed party has numerous winter adornments, lightings and decorations you can decide to make a wondrous environment for your visitors.

7. Santa and the Elves Themed Christmas Party

What better way to celebrate the Christmas Party than to call in Santa Claus. This themed party is also great to bring you kids, dress them up as little elves and have them sit on Santa’s lap for some merry food collection or goodies.

8. Fondue Christmas Party

Who doesn’t like the idea of putting up a Chocolate fountain and have everyone gather around and dip strawberries, marshmallows and other things you think goes well with a fondue. This idea is versatile as you can also incorporate this in any themed party of your choice.

9. Multicultural Christmas Party

The idea for a multicultural themed Christmas party is bringing into the party a little bit of something from other cultures. As you know, not all of your colleagues are from your country. You may also order some foods that you know they will appreciate, if your colleague is from an Asian country, try ordering some Asian inspired food packages such as Vietnamese Rolls, Thai Skewers and others.

10. Christmas Carol Karaoke Party

If you’re looking for a different kind of fun in the office and some of you want to showcase your talent in singing for very nice prizes for participating and becoming a winner, a Christmas Carol Karaoke is a great excuse.

11. 12 Delicious Finger Foods Christmas Party

One can never be satisfied with just a single party food in the office, right? The best number would be 12 variants. There is a wide array of finger foods you can order for the office party and from those 12, we’re sure you’d be able to pick your favourite.

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